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【產品/介紹】玖邦 mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit BM201 | 毫米波 | 毫米波感測開發套件

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Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件 BM201是一款毫米波(mmWave)雷達和藍牙低功耗(BLE)的擴充板,使用了 TI IWR6843 毫米波感測器做為核心,下載應用介紹

毫米波是第五代行動通訊(5G)中解決頻段問題的一項技術。Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件將原本複雜的雷達感測數據經過微積分和 FFT 等計算後,搭配 mmWave Python SDK 輸出簡單的資料結構,例如範圍、速度或是角度值等。

mmWave BM201 應用

mmWave BM201 應用範圍

  • 不同應用,例如遠距離(1-50 公尺)行人偵測(LPD),移動/人流偵測(TMD),生命跡象偵測(VSD),需個別購買硬體,並非一套硬體可同時使用三種應用!
  • 遠距離行人偵測(Long-Range People Detection, LPD),量測距離可從 1 到 50 公尺的行人偵測。
  • 移動/人流偵測(Traffic Monitoring Detection, PMB),例如可量測到移動的物件(例如車輛)在 5m – 50 公尺,FOV 在 +/- 54 度。
  • 非接觸式的生命跡象偵測(Vital Signs Detection, VSD),例如心律量測(Heartbeat Rate)或是呼吸速率量測(Respiration Rate),量測距離在 30cm – 90cm。

mmWave BM201 規格

FMCW Transceiver * Integrated PLL; Transmitter; Receiver; Baseband; and A2D
* 60GHz to 64GHz Coverage With 4GHz Continuous Bandwidth
* Four Receive Channels
* Three Transmit Channels
* Ultra-Accurate Chirp Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL
* TX Power: 10 dBm
* RX Noise Figure: 14 dB
* Phase Noise at 1 MHz: -92 dBc/Hz
* Antenna Type : ISK Antenna
Built-in Calibration and Self-Test (Monitoring) * ARM® Cortex® -R4F-Based Radio Control System
* Built-in Firmware (ROM)
* Self-calibrating System Across Frequency and Temperature
DSPC674x DSP for Advanced Signal Processing
MCU* ARM R4F Microcontroller for Object Detection; and Interface Control
* Joybien mmWave Protocol (Per configuration)
I/O * Up to 6 ADC Channels (low sample rate monitoring)
* Up to 2 SPI Ports
* Up to 2 UARTs
* I2C – GPIOs
Power Management * Built-in LDO Network for Enhanced PSRR
* I/Os Support Dual Voltage 3.3 V/1.8 V
Clock Source 40MHz
Antenna Orientation 4 receive(RX) 3 transmit (TX) antenna with 108° azimuth field of view (FoV) and 44° elevation FoV
Input Power 3.3VDC; 2.1A source
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 85% Non-Condensing
Dimensions & Weight 67mm x 46mm x 2mm; 15 grams net


mmWave BM201


  • mmWave 雷達 x1
  • Raspberry Pi BLE HAT 擴充板 x1
  • 塑膠螺絲柱 x8

注意:本開發套件不包含 Raspberry Pi 主板




mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit 簡介 from raspberrypi-tw



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